Monday, August 24, 2009

WHAT'S Waldo? (And Who Is Nate Simpson?)

A new member joined the Comic Blog Elite today, some cat by the name of Nate Simpson, and he's really impressed me. He's an artist--used to do work for video games, he says--and the site he's added to the CBE, called "Project Waldo," is all about his attempt to learn how to makes comics by making a comic.

He's only a few posts in, so there's no telling how far he will actually take this thing, but the work he's put up for the project so far is gorgeous, and there's even more good stuff on his portfolio site.

For all it's potential reach and scope, the Internet can be a vacuum for bloggers who don't catch on with the right audience in the right way, and it's definitely not easy working in a vacuum. I want to help Nate's site catch on. I want to see what this guy can do with Project Waldo and beyond. So check out Project Waldo and give Nate Simpson the encouragement he needs to keep it going.

Click on these images for a better view, and then click over to Nate's blog to see more.

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