Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sam Rocked Well in MOON

Groan...even I'm embarrassed about my title for this post. Why has it become standard practice for all headlines to be quirky plays on words. I've got to knock that shit off. But my point is made. Good actor, good movie.

MOON is a small sci-fi psychological thriller one-man-show about existentialism and the value of life and love and human contact, even if that life and love may be a lie and the human contact is with something not quite human. It was quiet and simple and lazily paced, almost the antithesis to what we get in the big, noisy District 9. In fact, next to Moon, D9 may as well be Transformers 2, for all the screaming and exploding and chaos.

I really liked this film, and Sam Rockwell should be nominated for both lead and supporting actor awards for his performance.

Unfortunately, I'm stumped as to how I can review this movie any further without giving the whole thing away, and it is one of the small, limited-release movies that would actually suffer by losing even a handful of ticket sales or rentals over a spoiled plot. So I leave you instead with a video of another favorite Sam Rockwell performance of mine, and one far more fitting for this particular blog. First watch this movie, and then go see Moon:

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