Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Super Powers Anniversary: Crisis On Infinite Blogs!

The Comic Blog Elite has turned me on to a lot of fun goings-on in the comic blogging community, the latest being a blog ring celebrating the 25th anniversary of one of my favorite toy lines of all time--Kenner's SUPER POWERS collection. (Just one of the many reasons 1984 was the best year ever!)

Fourteen sites have joined forces to celebrate the toys, each focusing on one of the characters in the collection. Start with my man from the CBE, Shag, and his blog Once Upon A Geek (where he focuses on the enigmatic sorcerer, Doctor Fate) and follow his links through to the other participating sites.

I really appreciate the attention to detail that has gone into this mini-event and the writers' reverence for the series of decades old action figures. For even more, check out the Super Powers Archive, and if that isn't enough, check out this view of the complete series, including the never-released 4th wave.

It all brings me back to my own Super Powers playtime, especially that one Christmas when Grampa Irving showed up with the Super Powers Batmobile (you know, the one with the claw and battering ram). I loved that damn toy...played with it until the wheels broke off.

Here's the full list of "official" participants in the event:

* Aquaman Shrine dives with the King of the Seas

* Bat-Blog covers Batman and his villains

* Once Upon A Geek covers Dr. Fate and the unproduced Blue Devil figures

* Firestorm Fan follows the Nuclear Man

* Fortress of Baileytude - Superman, natch

* Speed Force runs along with the Flash

* Crimson Lightning is going all-out with a Flash extravaganza

* Being Carter Hall handles Hawkman

* Dispatches From The Arrow Cave aims at Green Arrow

* Love Dat Joker brings in the laughs with the Clown Prince of Crime

* Justice League Detroit follows a set of knock-off figures from the era

* The Idol-Head of Diabolu has only begun to cover Martian Manhunter

* ...nurgh... reviews the entire series of mini-comics

* Doom Patrol Blog takes a spin with Red Tornado

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Matt Bergin said...

More on the crossover from Shag: http://onceuponageek.com/2009/08/26/super-powers-25th-anniversary-crossover-was-a-success/

Now all we need is a 25th Anniversary Blog Ring celebrating all the other awesomeness from 1984!