Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Comic Blogger Goes the Digital Distance for Charity

This post satisfies my two geek-Web interests: comic-related charity and comic bloggers blogging... 

Chad Nevett is a contributor to the blog GraphicContent. He also writes reviews and commentary for Comic Book Resources and 411mania. For the last 3 years, he's gone the digital distance blogging for charity -- and on August 15th, he's going to do it again in a  24-hour Blogathon to raise money for Comics Cure-favorite charity, the Hero Initiative. Chad explains it via a recent CBR post:
"For those unaware, a Blogathon is where you blog for 24 hours straight, updating every 30 minutes, for charity. There’s an ‘official’ one of these where everyone does it on the same day and that’s how I first got into it back in 2007 when I blogged on some Joe Casey comics for 24 hours. ... In my three previous Blogathons, they always happened from 9am Saturday until 9am Sunday. This year, the Blogathon will run from 9am Monday August 15 until 9am Tuesday August 16."
Chad offers a few ways to support him (and the Hero Initiative) during the Blogathon:

Be sure to let Chad know if you make a donation or purchase of any kind to support him so he can track the results of his efforts. Send him an e-mail at chevett13[AT]yahoo[DOT]ca with the details of your contribution. Visit GraphicContent on August 15th to support his effort and read his posts, and be sure to check out his Blogathon announcement for a preview of what he'll be blogging about over that long day.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Medikidz Takes the Notion that 'Comics Cure' Literally

Meet the Medikidz founders at http://www.medikidz.com/

BleedingCool included a bit in its most recent Sunday news roundup directing me to good news for a neat organization. Medikidz is expanding, following a successful year and the sale of its one millionth comic book.

I first became aware of Medikidz at the 2010 Book Expo in NYC, where I grabbed a copy of their press kit as one of a few publishers to watch. What with my love of comics and a decade under my belt working in medical publishing and advertising, let's just say I think me and Medikidz--a company founded by doctors who saw comics as the perfect tool for talking medical science with kids--could be very good for one another. But most importantly, Medikidz is very good for the comic book industry, setting a positive example as to how exactly the medium can be used to help raise awareness about diseases and other medical issues to young audiences, or even to audiences otherwise unable to grasp complicated doctor speak that might apply to them or a loved one. The Medikidz comics also help provide comfort to a target audience of sick kids looking to better understand what is happening to them when they have a particular condition.

With a growing catalog of titles (leaping from 4 to 20 comics this year), non-sequential content offerings on close to 300 conditions, and a social network in the works, Medikidz is the perfect representation of the Comics Cure philosophy -- creating an educational escape for people struggling through the harshest realities. Be sure to visit the Medikidz website to learn more about the company of do-gooders.