Sunday, August 2, 2009

Geek Is My Religion

It's not always easy for me to come up with topics for my Forces of Geek column, "Pop on Pop." The column is all about how I am trying to raise my daughter to be a geek like me, but it's hard to present that in a topical, engaging way that extends beyond writing about how we watch cartoons together. I was particularly stumped when this whole cancer thing came up. I wasn't exactly in a shiny happy place mentally, so the prospect of writing about how much my girl Alexa loves Spider-Man wasn't really singing to me.

But then I got a note from a press agent handling a new R. Crumb project--specifically R. Crumb's illustrated "Book of Genesis"--and it all came together. I was feeling incredibly mortal, but I was still hopeful and positive about my prognosis and confident that there would be many more articles for me to write about my geeky daughter. However, this next column would have to deal with some aspect of these feelings, even if only in a round about way. It would be about religion, or lack thereof, and how my little geek girl would learn about morality with or without it.

I don't mention the Crumb Bible in the column, but it is definitely the reason I wrote what I did. Also, it is a kick-ass looking work. Check it out. Also, check out my column!

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