Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Claws Clause

I hated Wolverine: Origins. I remember leaving the theater thinking it was dumb and plodding and cheesy, that it was simple-minded and sloppy. Of course, it has been several months and many much better movies since, so I forget the specific details of the movie to which these fancy adjectives apply.

But Wolverine is cool. Overexposed, yes, but that's one of his mutant powers.

He's got one of the best power sets, personalities, and (in broad strokes) backstories in superhero comics. There's a reason he's on every other cover of Wizard Magazine, why his name gets top billing on the latest X-Men cartoon, and why he stars in at least four monthly comics that I can think of. I guess it's also why he got his very own shitty feature-length movie.

That lovable dandy of a showman Hugh Jackman has taken such a liking to Old Man Logan that he's already hard at work producing the (hopefully less shitty) sequel. And who wouldn't take a shine to a hairy Canadian crank if it meant they got to wear those shiny, sharp shnikity-shnarling claws?

Now guess what the grand prize is in the latest The Rush sweepstakes?

Shall I call you Weapon X, Logan?

DISCLAIMER: Adamantium bone grafts and memory implants not included. Contest void in Genosha.

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