Friday, August 28, 2009

A Post About Post-Season LOST Posters Posty Post Post

I'm a big fan of Lost. Since the awesomely gripping pilot episode, I've given myself over to the mysteries of the island, putting my faith in the showrunning science of producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindeloff for a satisfying and entertaining conclusion to the series with next year's Season 6. (See what I did there with "faith" and "science"? Clever, eh?)

When the show picks up again, I suspect I'll write a bit about its content, my theories, and my reaction to all the resolutions we've been building toward over the past few years. But for now, I'm joining the legion of Losties, including my Lost conspiracy guru Doc Jensen, in giving my brain some downtime with regard to the numbers, Smokey, Jacob, et al.

But there is some post-season 5/pre-season 6 activity going on that I find pretty cool and other Losties should is showcasing a 16-poster series, each poster by a different artist in a different style and based on some character or aspect of the show, slow-rolling out over the coming 'tween-season weeks. The second poster in the series (below) just came out and is groovy like a chainsaw hand.

I can't say the site itself is particularly clear about the poster series schedule or the participants in the series or even all that easy to navigate, but I do like the two posters revealed (and available as prints for purchase) so far. Also, the whole thing involves comedian Paul Scheer from Human Giant and various Vh1 talking head shows...and he's funny.

All in all, this is not exactly at the same level of intrigue as previous Lost off-season ARGs, but I've got some time that can do with a little killing...

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