Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Weekly Dose To Come: The List

Ugh--new comics aren't released this week until Thursday (because of the holiday), and by that time, I'll be peeing day-glow and unable to mingle with the herd. That means any reviews I do would have to wait, and for all I know, I won't get this week's books until sometime next.

If I do manage to get my comics this week, it will be because someone picks them up for me. And seeing as how I'd have to write that person a list anyway, why not make a post out of it?

Amazing Spider-Man #604: The not-quite-weekly adventures of Spider-Man pick up where they left off--with the Chameleon dancing around a few annoying plot holes in order to play the big bad in an otherwise enjoyable story. But I'm actually more interested in seeing how the writers and editors spin the soap opera of MJ's return. How long until we revisit her deal with Mephisto? Answers have been promised...but when?!

Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Exodus #1: The completest in me will see this through, even though the critic in me wishes I'd never bothered reading the "Utopia" storyline that this wraps up in the first place. It never fails--the X-books always let me down and leave me dry.

Dark Reign: The List #1: I don't expect this event-related mini-series to be any better than the one above, but one thing it does have going for it is a character I actually like at it's center. Clint Barton, don't let me down!

Marvel Zombies Return #2: I didn't realize this series would be weekly, but I am glad it is. I loved the first issue. I suspect this will be the first book I read whenever I get my books.

Ultimate Avengers #2: I also loved Mark Millar's return to the Ultimate Universe with his Avengers relaunch, so this is another must on my list.

Captain Britain And MI 13 Vol 3 Vampire State TP: This is a big maybe for me, but I know the book was well received as a monthly, and this particular storyline involves a Doctor Doom/Dracula team-up. You may think I'm kidding about this being a cool idea, but Dracula has been used well in the Marvel Universe for decades, without coming off as corny or out of place among the standard corniness of super hero comics, and Doom is always a great villain. But whatever--Magnum doesn't always carry trades without a special order, so that may be the deciding factor, rather than my own interest in the book.

Whoa--no DC books?

In my defense, I've already set aside a stack of trades for the coming week comprising the latest volume of Fables (a DC/Vertigo book) and several volumes of the IDW-collected Classic G.I. Joe (technically relicensed Marvel reprints, but my dollars went to the Indie publisher, so it's their logo that you'll see on my bookshelf). I'll also be dipping into two Matt Madden books--99 Ways to Tell a Story and the instructional he put together with his wife and SVA teaching partner Jessica Abel, Drawing Words and Writing Pictures--so by the end of my recovery, I should finally know how to make a comic!

Maybe this is the week to track down those Batman: Cacophony back issues I'm interested in, so I can remain fair and balanced. Otherwise, dare I pick up random Blackest Night tie-ins, just to fill the void? (cringe)

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