Wednesday, September 9, 2009

FoG-PoP Revisited: Intro

It's been almost a year since I connected with blogger Stefan Blitz as a contributor to his magazine-style blog Forces of Geek. As part of his verbal militia (comprising dozens of writers from various walks of life and breeds of geek), my angle of expertise has been the parent who loves comics etc trying to raise his child with that same love of comics etc, and I've done so in the form of a monthly column called Pop on Pop.

But since this whole thyroid cancer thing, I've started my own blog (you know, this one), where I can write at my own pace, about whatever I want, whenever I want. And we've moved PoP to more of a "when I can get to it" schedule at FoG, so I don't have to go out of my way to manufacture monthly scenarios and anecdotes about my pint-sized geek-girl in training. I'd rather the frequency of those pieces suffer than the quality.

But seeing as how I'm taking my (hopefully one and only) radiation pill this week and don't know if I will feel up to writing much, I thought this would be a good opportunity to move those older posts over here. So, for the next week or so, in addition to any fresh blogging I may or may not do, please enjoy a second helping or your better-late-than-never first look at FoG-PoP to date. (Hopefully the html and page flow transfers well, or else you're looking at a week-long web designer's nightmare.)

You'll get the first edition of FoG-PoP Revisited at midnight, but for now, click on through for another one of my Forces of Geek pieces--My Top 13 Female Geek Role-Models.

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