Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dear Mr. President...

Dear Mr. President:

You're awesome and I think you know it. Awesome on so many levels that are important to me. You're a cool, likable guy. You're a good husband and father. You value things like science, communication, transparency, and personal growth. You've got a sense of logic AND of humor.

You're also very much in touch with popular culture. You are of the times, rather than a relic of some old broken system. You've name checked Spider-Man, Batman, and Conan the Barbarian as your favorite comic characters growing up. You're in almost as many comics in 2009 as Wolverine. You've been made into more than one style action figure, with multiple points of articulation and a kung-fu battle grip. You kill flies like the Karate Kid. You sound like The Rock when you speak. Better than simply being "the president I'd want to have a beer with," you're the president who actually solves problems with beer. You truly speak for the people on the issues they care about. You look like you genuinely enjoy taking geeky photo ops like this one:

There's no doubt that you are the cool geek president, the Comic Con President!

BUT for fuck's sake man, stop dicking around watching the VMAs and playing with toys for a few days and sort this healthcare shit out! Are you really going to let the idiot fringe bully you into conceding the parts of reform that would have actually CHANGED THE SYSTEM?!

Forget "cool geek"'re coming off like just another spineless nerd.

Man up, Obama. And in words your enemies--those bullies who have somehow paralyzed your common sense with their ignorant unfounded fears about death panels and socialism and one nation under Alah--will surely appreciate: GET ER DONE!


Peat said...

Even if the public option doesn't pass, the system will drastically change for the better anyway. People need to realize that. The public option is pie in the sky.

Obama is my Tony Robbins:

Matt Bergin said...

"Single payer" is what would have changed it drastically, but Obama and Congress dropped that as soon as Sarah Palin started babbling about death panels on Facebook. The public option would have changed it just enough that MAYBE prices would drop for those of us already covered and those without coverage could get SOMEthing.

Now we're left with forcing the insurance companies to cover their patients. That's a step in a better direction, but just like rewarding the failed banking and auto industries with billions of dollars in "go fix yourself" money, the healthcare plan is morphing more and more into a Band-aid for a broken, dysfunctional, diseased institution that needs to be put down.

I voted for CHANGE. Let's see some.

Peat said...

We are getting change. Every day Obama is signing laws like the Lilly Ledbetter Act, or making key edits to the Patriot Act, that either effect positive change or at least undo the damage done by the previous administration.

Single payer has pluses and minuses, but it would never have passed congress, so it's a moot point. It's true that the actual bill will end up being much more of a compromise, but compromise is part of life. I think Obama is doing a good job of being pragmatic about it while keeping a strong moral core, to an inevitable positive result. If he had gone full-on no compromise liberal about reform, no one would have taken him seriously and it would have been over before he started.

The public option is coming, even if not this year. It is inevitable, like gay marriage or Bruce Wayne coming back from the dead. Sometimes, though, you need to take measured paces towards your goals rather than reckless leaps.