Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Comic books aren't cheap. Being a geek is expensive. Fanboys and fangirls spend so much time and money on kitsch and fluff, stuff and nonsense, and pricey toys for boys and girls of all ages that adding an extra buck to the weekly pull-list budget or rounding off the cost of that life-size stuffed Jawa to the nearest dollar wouldn't make a single one of them blink.

BUT what if that exta dollar a week went toward the fight to cure autism? What if it went toward the expansion of the pediatric center of a cancer hospital? What if the extra dollar thrown into the pot by a thousand geeks every week for a month went to help just one sick child with limited health insurance get the treatment she needs?

Don't give that money to us. Give it to them. Or find some other way to channel your creativity to help them. Just do something. There will be plenty of time for your own escapism after you spend a few moments (and hopefully a few pennies) improving someone else's reality.

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