Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Holding Pattern

This blog has been running--sporadically--for a year now. That means one year since my thyroidectomy and subsequent radiation therapy. That means we're rolling up on the full-body scan, miserable low-iodine diet, and dosimetry that will be my annual routine until the doctor's decide I am officially cancer free. Or, you know, the other option...where a lousy diet is the least of my concerns.

So yeah, happy anniversary to me.

And to celebrate, commemorate, and elevate No Cure For Comics, I have taken the first, very small, early steps toward doing something more than blogging about stuff and nonsense.

For now: I need a lawyer. I need a logo. I need to fill out a lot of forms and pay quite a few application fees. And when it all comes together, I hope to do more than write the occasional off-schedule capsule review. We're aiming to make the world a better place.

Stay tuned.

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KPB said...

Hi Matt,

My name is Kelly Bergin. I came across your article in the NY Times and was shocked at some of our similarities, starting with our awesome last name. I too used to live in Riverdale, while I was in college and after it for a little while.

I also work in advertising at Harrison and Star as a copywriter.

And I also suffered from thyroid cancer two years ago. (I also have lupus and a slew of other health problems.)

As a creative writer, I found your site interesting, funny and accessible, even for those who haven't read a comic for long time. My personal interest was always in Batman.

I write and run a personal blog, which fetches up to 10,000 hits weekly. Please check it out if you'd like to. Our similarities were too much to ignore and perhaps we could collaborate on a project one day.

Best Wishes,

Kelly Bergin