Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Children, teens, and even adults are empowered from the first moment they crack open a comic book. To venture into the world of sequential storytelling and 4-color champions is to be transported to a world where there is always hope against even the most impossible threats and where, in brightest days and blackest nights alike, if there’s the will, there’s a way. And when it comes to sick or disabled children and teens (and yes, even adults), comics can serve as a vehicle for some much needed escapism from a harsh reality, an outlet and inspiration for creative expression during dark times too difficult to put into words alone, and a source for that impossible hope and indomitable will from which true miracles are born.

Our mission is simple. Our goal is to leverage the power, compassion, and creativity of the comic book community to support hospitals and care centers across the country through monetary and comic-related material donations (graphic novels, motion comics, dvds, toys, etc), fundraising events (in-store creator signings, sponsored movie screenings, collector auctions, etc), and charity publications.

Even people outside of the comic book community know these wise words that drive the heroics of a particular friendly neighborhood comic book icon: “With great power must also come great responsibility.” Comic book readers, retailers, and creators have the power to band together as champions, defenders, and guardians for those who need it most. We're is asking them—and you—to accept the responsibility.

Matt Bergin, Founder
October 2010