Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nerd Nation Hero Wants To Keep a Record of Your Heroism

From Bleeding Cool:

Following the launch of DC Entertainment's "We Can Be Heroes" Campaign, Nerd Nation co-host Siike Donnelly has launched a piggyback campaign to help support the supporters of the Justice League-themed humanitarian drive. 

Siike is collecting receipts of donations to the We Can Be Heroes charity from anyone willing to share with him. Print out a copy of your receipt, draw or write something on it, or even just write your name on a sheet of paper, scan it and send it to Be sure to edit out credit card information or anything else you want left private before sending receipts. Siike is going to collect all of the receipt into a collage showing his Nerd Nation united in this powerful cause.

In Siike's own words (via Bleeding Cool): "I know to most this may not seem like a cool thing to be a part of, or maybe you just want to stop at the donation. Obviously that’s more than okay. Helping the people in the Horn of African comes first here. Always. I just want to take my enthusiasm for DC Entertainment’s initiative a step further in a creative way. My doctor saved my life, but receiving DC Comics while I was recovering is what kept me fighting.

Surviving a brain aneurysm comes with a lot more daily obstacles, so I look for things like this to fill my free time. Sometimes my days include seizures, physical therapy, migraines on a whole new level, and much worse. I’m lucky to be alive. I meet so many others that have been through the same, some doing better than me, some not. We do what we can to help each other and I want to pay that forward in the only way I know how to express myself, through art.

It’s the easiest thing in the world to do something selfless."
Another fine example of the Comics Cure philosophy at work. Take a break from your escape to help improve someone else's reality.

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Thanks for giving Siike and this great cause some attention.the Nerd Nation Invest Comics page is still a work in progress, but you can find us on ITunes or at