Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What Tweets Hath These Tweeters Twotten?

@TheNerdyBird tweets and people listen. She gave a very charitable (nyuk) nod to Comics Cure during a Twitter exchange (Twialogue?) with the 20,000-followers-and-climbing comic-reviewing machine that is @TheBlairButler. If any of those 20k+ Twits have clicked through to the site, welcome!

Blair Butler, an Attack of the Show writer and correspondent, was talking comic donations -- specifically, the option of donating old books to hospitals, where a captive audience in need of some escapism will surely be grateful.

This sort of thinking is the essence of the Comics Cure Call to Action. We geeks have way too much stuff...so find a geek in need or make a geek out of someone by providing the perfect mental getaway during a bad time. Go do some good.

By the way, you can follow me and Comics Cure @D18Matt.

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