Friday, February 11, 2011

Can Comics Cure a Broken Heart?

This isn't a Valentine's post for lovelorn geeks. It's about a talented kid with a lot of heart. Three to date, to be exact.

Stephan Lapin is a student and aspiring comic artist. He has entered his character creation Hey-Zeus into a contest for recognition by the Stan Lee Foundation/Talenthouse. He contacted me through Facebook, sensing the fit between his story and Comics Cure. Stephan is a young guy, only 19 years old, but he tells me he has had two heart transplants. (The first was when he was only 7!) But despite that obvious hardship, he's created a character for the contest that is all about positivity and healing.

Hey-Zeus is the son of a god, with the power to heal anyone with only a touch from his hand! It's even said that he can raise the dead. If destroyed in battle, Hey-Zeus will come back in a blinding light, healthier then ever. Although the one thing he won't do is fight. Hey-Zeus will not raise a hand in violence. How great is that? A healing hero who hates hitting! I'm thinking Hey-Zeus should be the unofficial superhero mascot for Comics Cure!

If Stephan win the contest, Talenthouse will facilitate introductions with contacts in the film, television, and social gaming industries. The selected design will be made into either an action figure or sculpture of which The Stan Lee Foundation will make a limited number. He will also be presented with an award by Stan Lee at Comic Con San Diego 2011 and spend a day with Todd McFarlane at his art studio production facility, in Tempe, AZ. 

We know this kid has the heart. Let's help him get the votes and kickstart his career!

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Len N. Wallace said...

Stephan's a good kid. A little pushy, but a good kid and a kindered spirit from one comic nerd who grew up with heart problems to another. He's got my vote.