Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year, New Cycle

2010 was something, eh? Something different for everyone, sure, and a mixed bag at that. A lot of people lost their jobs. BP crapped in our ocean. And speaking of greasy beaches, that tool from Jersey Shore made five million dollars. But then my cancer scans at Memorial Sloan-Kettering came back clean and I didn't have to do anymore radiation, so 2010 was good to me.

2010 also saw the launch of Comics Cure, which, if you look around at the words and pictures on your screen right now, you know all about. And to start the new year off right, Comics Cure has been invited to host its own team in the MSKCC Cycle for Survival -- an indoor bike relay taking place in various Equinox Gym locations in New York and Chicago in mid-February. The purpose of this annual MSKCC event is to raise funds for rare cancer research, so every team has a fundraising goal leading up to the event.

You can help support the cause by donating to MSKCC through the Comics Cure team page and sharing the donation link with others who might be interested in helping, too:

You can also help by joining the team yourself, as a rider or fundraiser. Click "Join Team" at the link above and contact me directly for more details. We have one bike, so the more riders on the team, the easier it will be and the more fun we will have kicking cancer's ass.

We ride at dawn!!!

(Actually...technically, the Comics Cure team is scheduled to ride from 8am to noon on Sunday, February 13th. Bagels and coffee are on me.)

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