Friday, December 17, 2010

Bittersweet Blowout!

I was just about to write up a quick post about my regular Wednesday haunt going out of business when I read the breaking news that it isn't...

Cosmic Comics very briefly posted the (would-be) sad news that it was closing its doors at the end of December, and--as a parting gift to the loyal patrons who put up with the sometimes dusty, always eccentric soundtrack and delightfully curmudgeonly owner each week--a clearance sale of 50-80% off everything in the store. But Mark, that lovable crank owner, has since announced that he has finalized a deal to simply hand over his cosmic keys so he and his partner can retire. Cosmic Comics is still profitable (he says), he's just old (I says). So he gets to put his feet up on the porch with a shotgun on his lap, I get to keep my shop 4 blocks from the office, and that blowout sale still stands--only now as a going away celebration!

You know, for 50-80% off, you could probably afford to donate a few comics. I hear trade paperbacks make for fine Xmas presents, in sickness and in health. If you don't already have a beneficiary in mind, here are a few possibilities:
...or just buy a few week's worth of books at a deep discount so you have a few extra bucks to give in the new year. You know it feels good.

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