Wednesday, June 23, 2010

PopCulture POPPED?!


So much for that redirect to for all of your No Cure needs. PCS has slipped into archive mode, as the 'Shockers' move on to assorted other projects. Meanwhile, I had already fallen off significantly in my own blogging frequency.

Which brings us to here, now.

Soon I'll be migrating some of my favorite posts from PCS over to this site, possibly dabbling in a little more fresh bloggery after that, and maybe even bringing another one of the infected on board to blog about his comic sickness. We'll see.

Until then, here's a quick recap of what you may have missed from my brain:
  • I loved the sentiment, if not the logic, of the LOST finale, and I've gone so far as to create a Facebook Group--LA S: The LOST Apologists Society--dedicated to filling in the plot holes the series' creators decided to leave unfilled.

  • I'm glad The Sentry is finally dead dead, and I hope it sticks.

  • I'm sticking with Avengers and New Avengers during this so-called "Heroice Age" at Marvel, though I don't think I can be bothered with the bloat of additional titles spinning out of or around the end of Dark Reign. Similarly, with Brightest Day at DC, I am on board for that series and for Green Lantern proper, but I really don't care much, if at all, about the rest of the Corp or any of the smaller books that are wearing the "Brightest Day" banner.

  • In non-Big Two news, I thought Daniel Clowes' Wilson was fantastic, The Walking Dead continues to knock my socks off, and I am getting impatient for the next issue of Garth Ennis' Chronicles of Wormwood, which had a distinctly Preacherish vibe that I've missed from Garth since, well, Preacher.

  • Toy Story 3 made me cry. Just a little bit, but still.

  • I've tried to drop Amazing Spider-Man three times since the last time I threatened to do it, but it keeps pulling me back in. I wouldn't mind a Black Spider-Man on film...though why not just go Hispanic with a 2099 movie, instead? Dark, "edgy," and certainly a different direction from the Raimi films!

  • Speaking of comics to film, Iron Man 2 was meh, but only because it was just another consistently well-crafted 2 hours of same-old added on to the first movie, rather than anything ground-breakingly new or inventive or cool to see for the first time live. In fact, the reveal of Mjolnir after the credits was, hands down, my favorite part of the movie.

  • Also, Hit Girl was great...Kick Ass was just okay.

  • Also, Scott Pilgrim vs The World may not open big, but it is going to be awesome.

  • And finally, the Comic Blog Elite is still going strong and getting bigger by the day. Be sure to check it out (and join the list, if you're a comic blogger yourself!).

Let me know if I'm leaving anything out.

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