Monday, April 2, 2012

Siike...And Ye Shall Find. Nerd Nation Co-Host Looking for Support for Ambitious Charity Comic Project

Siike Donnelly has quickly become one of my favorite "charitable nerds" to pay attention to in the vast geekosystem of the Web. Comics Cure has very little in the way of measurable output, but Siike has made it clear in words and action just how strongly he has taken our mission to heart. Even without Comics Cure to help form the notion of geek-centric do-goodery into a tangible ideal, the brain aneurysm surviving, podcast hosting, comic writing fanboy extraordinaire would have found the words and the way to rally his Nerd Nation toward making this world a better place. That's why I am diving into the deep end, throwing my full support behind his ambitious...maybe impossible...possibly preposterous...and most DEFINITELY naive project.

Important note about Siike: his head is not right. Literally. He's got (just a little bit of) brain damage. So when he comes up with a crazy idea, there's an automatic, understandable out for anyone. Yet somehow, this kid has developed a swell of support and an outpouring of interest from those in and around the comics community to see him succeed. You see, Siike survived a brain aneurysm. His engine short-circuited and now he counts every day on his lifelong road to recovery and reinvention and blessing. It inspires the rest of us--especially those of us who have our parts in order and our systems in check--to do the same.

And it doesn't hurt that his idea, as naive as it is, is a good one. If he pulls it off, hot damn, it may just be a great one. More details on the project when more details are allowed. For now, seek him out and see if you can help!

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