Sunday, February 12, 2012

We Came, We Saw, We Cycled!

So a down economy and loss of last year's biggest donor has us at about half our 2011 fundraising haul, but we've doubled in spirit! Team Comics Cure turned into a real team for the 2012 Cycle for Survival!

Thanks to Dean and Christy, old friends and the creative coupling behind Level 92 Films, for joining the ride. Thanks, as well, to the Team Comics Cure satellite squad (my sister in DC) and my better half, Ursie B, who you can't tell from the pic below rocked a Division 18 t-shirt for the event.

And, of course, thanks to everyone who donated to Cycle for Survival, especially on our team's behalf.

If you're feeling left out, you can still donate to the team, so feel free to click our team name above to contribute a little more to our effort in this record-breaking charity event. If we're lucky, soon we won't have to do too many more of these.

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