Thursday, November 17, 2011

Movember Moustaches: Occupy Your Face

While it is too late to kick off moustache month, I want to at least acknowledge this 30-day feast of face fuzz -- all in the name of prostate cancer awareness. My father is one of millions of men who had (and happened to beat) prostate cancer. I have a prostate. You might have one, too! What any of this has to do with moustaches, I don't know. But cancer sucks, and prostates are tucked away deep in a place that makes it easy to lose awareness of them. And while it is possible to simply lose track of a perfectly healthy prostate, it would be especially tragic to be unaware of one that has cancer.

You need a stiff upper lip (among other things...good health insurance, broccoli, etc) to battle through it. I guess growing a moustache helps with that. Okay, there's your rationale. So go check out Movember's official site and then grow out your own mouth muff while there are still days in the month. You can tie it all back to Comics Cure's theme of geek-centric charity and awareness by basing your own moustache on one of these great lip lines of comic book history:

Jim Gordon's Commish-stasche

Omni-Man's Invinci-stache

Batroc the Leaper's Curly Fritte

Doctor Strange's Stache of Agamatto

J. Jonah Jameson's S. Stachey Stache-stache

The Sinestache

90's-era Tony Stark's Iron-stache

General Ross' Thunderstache

Stan "The Man" Lee's Excelsior-stache

And remember: You can also bring it back to Comics Cure by showing your support for Team Comics Cure in the upcoming Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center's Cycle for Survival. The money raised by that annual event goes to rare cancer research. Sadly, prostate cancer has become all too common, but the important research undertaken at MSKCC serves to help find optimal treatments and, maybe one day, a cure for all cancers.

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