Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Comedians Cure, Too: REED Academy Comedy Fundraiser for Children With Autism

From a part-time colleague living with the full-time challenge of a child with autism:
Do you know anyone who LOVES Curb Your Enthusiasm? Want to support education for children with autism? REED Academy, is having a comedy night fundraiser hosted by Susie Essman of Curb Your Enthusiasm at the Wellmont Theatre in Montclair, NJ on November 8, 2011 at 7pm. For tickets, click this link: https://reedacad.ejoinme.org/MyPages/ComedyforCauseRegistration2011/tabid/315517/Default.aspx

One in 110 children are diagnosed with autism each year. While families struggling with autism face many hurdles, one of the greatest challenges is finding an appropriate educational program. In 2003, faced with no other options, a group of Bergen County families founded REED Academy, Inc., a not for profit school serving children with autism. REED provides highly individualized, scientifically based, state-of-the art intervention for children aged 3 through 21. Children are making tremendous progress at REED — they are reading, writing, solving math problems and working on the computer. They are having conversations with their peers, riding bicycles and playing kickball. They are learning to play the piano, prepare meals, take showers and brush their teeth. Since REED opened its doors, nine children have graduated and have returned to their local public schools. Every child deserves the opportunity to become a productive, independent adult, and enrollment at REED is not contingent upon a family’s resources. While a significant portion of our funding comes from school districts, it does not meet all of our costs. The balance of more than $20,000 per child is raised through efforts like this one.

In just six months at REED Academy, Ava has learned to use a fork, sit for story time and most importantly, say "hi Mommy!".

Thank you for your very generous support. If you cannot attend Comedy Night, please spread the word and post to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter!

Kim, Charlie and Ava Jolie Cristo
The Cristo Fam has the scoop on Susie Essman, but the event is also promoting Marriage Ref host Tom Papa. Check the site (and the poster below) for details, and maybe have yourself a laugh on Ava's behalf.