Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Number Ones

Not about charity, fundraising, cancer, or my own work. Just a quick word on comics...

If DC Comics wants to relaunch an entire line of books with new #1 issues, let's just hope they're as good as the new #1's that kick off every self-contained storyline in the ongoing Hellboy saga. If either of the Big 2 are looking for the comics model of the future, they need only look to what Dark Horse has been doing for years with HB and BPRD -- short-run miniseries with an ongoing continuity and expanding mythology. The stories stand alone, but long-time readers are rewarded with the richer epic adventure unfolding.

And hot damn, the Francesco Francavilla variant cover to the latest #1 (The Fury #1, pictured) is nice.
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