Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Color of Money for Moose

The perpetual content machine of the comic industry churns out dozens of new, expensive books every Wednesday, so it is easy to forget that for the individual artists creating books, the pay isn't always so great (assuming there is ANY pay) and the work isn't steady. Even a fan-favorite colorist who works on high-profile books can get overwhelmed by the extreme cost of sudden illness.

Popular colorist Moose Baumann (Green Lantern, Flash, 52) needs our help to pay down a massive healthcare debt! This isn't some something-for-nothing cry for charity. Moose is selling prints of his (beautiful, masterful) work to cover those expenses. Baumann-colored pieces include work by Andy Kubert, Ivan Reis, Ethan van Sciver, and more.

From the Nerdy Bird via Newsarama:

"A few years back my wife had breast cancer. She had chemo and a partial mastectomy, and we thought things were good. A year later we found out that it had spread, and she went in for more chemo and surgery. Several months prior she had lost her job and her insurance, and because of her “prior condition” she no one else would insure her. So we’ve been working on paying off the full cost of her medical bills for the past two years, just north of $90 grand.

"Right now work is scarce and money is super tight, and on June 1st it looks like we may lose our home because of all of this. I’m trying to sell some prints of my work online to make some quick cash, and hopefully keep my home. I’m reluctant to ask for help, it’s embarrassing, but I’m at the end of my rope."

Baumann is currently selling prints of his work which you can preview here. People can email the artist at moosebaumann [at] mediacombb [dot] net to place orders. He’s accepting both Paypal and money orders. If you’ve enjoyed any of his work, please consider helping the guy out.

UPDATE: I ordered this Cyborg Superman pic by Moose and Simone Bianchi, which happens to be one of my favorite comic covers, plus two more that are hella good. Love 'em. Good luck, Moose!

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