Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's Not a Comic (Yet), But Still...

My friend Peat (he of buying me Guitar Hero to help me through my recovery) is a writer. More specifically, he's a fantasy novelist with one very successful debut under his belt and two more books in development, all part of a series called The Demon Trilogy.

Me and about a million other geeks have read book 1, The Warded Man (released six months earlier in the UK as The Painted Man), which is an adult-minded coming of age tale about three kids from very different areas of life dealing with the hardships of a world beset upon by elemental demons, known as corelings. I'm one of only a few who've had the opportunity to read an early draft of the sequel, which expands the world and focuses on the prophesied "Deliverer" destined to conquer the corelings.

It's simple, visceral, exciting stuff that would make for an excellent comic series. It could probably make for an even better movie.

Oh, what's that you say, Hollywood Reporter?

If this plays out like Entourage, do I have to be Turtle? I just hope I get to play a coreling.

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